Vadaladu is a social horror drama that has a sense of humor

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Vadaladu is a Telugu comedy horror movie starring Siddharth and Catherine Teresa in lead roles. The movie is directed by Sai Sekhar and produced by R Soundarya and Deepa Iyer under Trident Arts’s banner. In this comedy-horror movie, Siddharth essays the role of an honest food safety officer, Jagannathan, who earns lots of enemies after closing outlets that sell adulterated food. His enemy kills him, and he possesses his lover, Jyothi, to avenge those who murdered him. The plot does sound quite good, right? It has elements of comedy, horror, thrill, and social message.

Siddharth is smart and given his best acting as a good safety officer. Catherine Tresa performs amazingly well and has one of the biggest things in the film. She looks simple and airy in all the scary and emotional scenes. Coming to the director Shekhar, he did a great job with the film. He chose the point of hitting hard and showed it well. The two leading roles did an excellent job and handled the film well most of the time. The food adulteration plot is a good story that highlights the current adulteration in society. The theme of the movie is excellent. It is very fresh, informative, and a complete eye-opener about the reality of the food industry.

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